Breathtaking Budapest

Budapest was definitely a sight for sore eyes 🙂       I enjoyed the architecture of many buildings here, although not as much as Vienna. However, not due to their lack of creativity – the buildings that were beautiful were very much so; however, not as many buildings were made with such fine detail. The structures that … More Breathtaking Budapest

Vivacious Vienna

 Ahhhh Vienna! 🙂 After travelling to Vienna, Austria I was mesmerised. This is a truly amazing place to experience. I had the opportunity to travel here for a Global Young Leaders Conference and fell in love. Out of all the European countries that I’ve been to thus far, this was by far my favourite. There were three … More Vivacious Vienna

Hello world!

  Hello world! My name is Ariadne Saunders and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago (tiny islands in the Caribbean). You can read more about me and why I started this blog in the About Me section of my blog. Basically, I travel quite a lot and when I’m not travelling, I’m busy researching different countries … More Hello world!